MBA Admissions Consulting

MBA Admissions Consulting

We pioneered MBA admissions consulting at top-tier business schools 15 years ago, and those programs are still the focus of our work.  We had admits at every one of the top 20 schools last year, and once again Wharton was our top program.  Previous winners have been Kellogg, Columbia, UCLA and — one year — HBS.

The Applicants We Work With

The people we work with come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many are management consultants, asset managers or auditors with top firms. Others come from small companies and do unique jobs. We even have our share of professional athletes, actors, runway models and more than a few disenchanted physicians and lawyers.

But most of the people we work with are not superstar candidates. They score between 650 and 750 on the GMAT, work ordinary jobs, and have had no special advantages in life. Contrary to the image that some magazines project, student bodies at elite business schools are comprised almost entirely of these people.

Don't be intimidated by the students profiled in the magazines. They are gross misrepresentations of reality. If you can put up a respectable GMAT score and then tell a convincing story in your application essays, you'll have a realistic chance of being admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton or any of the other top business schools.

If your GMAT score is below 600, however, statistics show that you have less than a 5 percent chance of being admitted to a top MBA program. Given the long odds, we advise applicants who score below 600 to retake the GMAT and put the application essays off until they get a score that schools will accept.

What We Do

The most important thing we do is develop a strategy that fits both your background and the needs of a typical admissions officer. Great applicants are regularly rejected, not because they aren't qualified, but because they use the wrong pitch. It's easy to make that mistake when you don't know what the admissions people are looking for.

Together we work out a strategy that makes sense given your background. We also make sure that your stated career goals and the experience you highlight in your applications fit the needs of the admissions people.

It's important that your story hold together and appeal to the admissions staff. I would much rather see an applicant who says the right things in his essays, even if he isn't a particularly good writer, than an applicant who writes well but doesn't understand what to write about. It's the guy with the right strategy who is going to be admitted.


What We Do


We believe in a comprehensive approach.  You get one shot at the MBA admissions game, so it needs to be right.  We want to see everything you submit to your target schools — essays, resume, cover letters, even recommendations if you can get them.


Do You Ever Turn Away Candidates?
All the time.  We're not an essay mill. We don't farm out work. We started 15 years ago as a small group of professional writers from the MBA and GMAT communities and we've stayed small and exclusive.  When we don't have capacity, we don't accept candidates.  Given our following in L.A., that happens regularly.


Do You Turn Away Candidates for Any Other Reasons?
Yes.  If your GMAT score isn't high enough for your target schools, we'll tell you to focus on getting the right number first.  We know from long experience what's realistic at specific schools, and there's no sense wasting your time and money applying to programs that will reject you.

Can I Get into Your GMAT Class?
No.  It's private.


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