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Professor Siegel catches a quick nap while being interviewed by CNBC anchor Kelly Evans.

Renowned Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel Ages Suddenly

When did Jeremy Siegel get old? I'm watching him on CNBC right now and he's a mess! He's rambling about stuff that doesn't make sense and I'm worried that one of my true academic idols has gone over the hill on us.

Those of you who follow Professor Siegel know that "J-Dogg" is 71 years old, which isn't that old. Why then is he acting like this? I'm worried. Professor Siegel has always been my man, and I hope this isn't a sign of decline, but I have to admit that he's doing the "floppy hands" thing that old people do, and talking in circles about a favorite subject of the elderly — politics.

Maybe it's because the market is down 373 points on this, the 225th birthday of the New York Stock Exchange. Maybe the old man is rattled by that. Or maybe he's sniffed one too many dry erase pens at Wharton. I just hope he isn't entering Carl Icahn territory — still at the wheel but no longer in contact with the road.

In all candor, I was going to ask Professor Siegel to participate in a "Win a Date With ..." charity auction. Now that idea doesn't seem very viable, given that he needs to be home and in bed by 8:30.

Don't get old on me, J-Dogg. You're still my hero, and I want to be you when I grow up!

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