MBA Scholarships

MBA Scholarships

Scholarships exist for MBA students but let's face it, you aren't exactly the neediest group of people on campus.  Most MBA students have held down good jobs for at least four years and will hold down even better jobs after school.  Try comparing that to the typical 19-year-old psych undergrad and you'll understand why you're last in line for the free money (and first in line for the loans).

That being said, though, there are some scholarships out there for people like you.  The best way to find scholarship money is to get the contact information from the schools that have accepted you.  Financial aid offices know where the money is and will be glad to direct you.

Scholarship money is just one more reason why you should apply to business school in the earliest possible round.

Six Types of Financial Aid

MBA Scholarships

MBA Financial Aid
Meet Thurston, the MBA financial aid dog. Financial aid is available to almost everyone in B-school, whether you need it or not.

Of course, most of it is loans, but that's better than riding your desk for another year.

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